The Fisherman’s Net

Mustafa Senbel

During the restoration of Jeddah’s sculptures archive photographs were discovered that seem to suggest the sculpture The Fisherman’s Net by Mustafa Senbel was originally unpainted.

Central Corniche, Ruwais district
Natural World
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Artist Biography

Mustafa Senbel was an Egyptian artist and was a classmate of Mohamed Said Farsi’s when both attended Alexandria University.  Later when Mohamed Said Farsi became Mayor of Jeddah and undertook an expansive program to develop, transform, and beautify the city, he called upon his old friend Mustafa Senbel. “What distinguished Mustafa Senbel from the other artists who contributed to the beautification of Jeddah was his intense awareness of the relationship between mass and space and his sensitivity to their environmental context,” said Mayor Mohamed Said Farsi of his old friend. 

Mustafa Senbel worked as a city planner for Jeddah from 1978 for eight years, and he is credited with designing more than twenty-five sculptures for Jeddah before he retired to Egypt.