Al-Saroukh I

Salah Abdulkarim

Salah Abdulkarim submitted to Jeddah’s Mayor Moahmmed Al-Farsi two designs to honor the benefits and strength of iron and is constructed to display a hopst of items including swords, mechanical machinery, cogs and spacecraft.

This scupture was located in the middle of a major intersection on a roundabout, and the images show its location on its roundabout in December 2006. In 2009 as traffic increased many roundabouts began to be replaced with intersections & flyovers and this sculpture was one of the first to be relocated to its new location on a boulevard divider.

Material / Dimensions
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The only details that we have found for 'Salah Abdulkarim' who made this sculpture are that he was an Egyptian artist. If you know more information please contact us.