Leonardo Nierman

b. 1932

Leonardo Nierman has created several sculptures with the title 'Peace', and this is one is located at the Central Corniche in the Al Hamra district of Jeddah.

Central Corniche, Al Hamra district
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Artist Biography

Leonardo Nierman is a Mexican artist mostly known for his painting and sculpture. He at first wanted to be a violinist and his musical training has been a major influence on his painting and sculpture, reproducing movement and harmony. Nierman has had exhibitions in Mexico and abroad and over sixty recognitions of his work, half of which are from outside of Mexico. His work is abstract but still with discernible images from nature such as birds, water, lightning and more. His paintings are in pure colors while his sculptures are generally of metal, often silver-toned. The artistic production of Leonardo Nierman includes painting, tapestry design, sculpture, murals, engraving and glass work. His first artwork was done in the 1950s, influenced by the work of Kandinsky, Klee, Miróand Chirico, as well as the abstract, cubist and surrealist movements. Much of his later work has been shaped by his interpretation of nature and a search for the relationship between abstract art and the cosmos, spurred by his studies of color and movement in the 1950s.