Cube IV

Arnaldo Pomodoro

b. 1926

During the 1960s Pomodoro started making large, free­standing sculptures in the form of cubes, cylinders, spheres and cones. He often added fractured and eroded elements, suggestive of a continual process of self­destruction and regeneration that seemed to deny the perfection sought by sculptors like Brancusi with his idealised shapes. 

Jeddah Sculpture Museum
Material / Dimensions
Foundry brass / 300cm high
Sculpture Date
b. 1967 - d. 1975
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Artist Biography

Arnaldo Pomodoro lives and works in Milan. He was born in Morciano di Romagna, Italy in 1926. From the mid­1940s until 1957 Pomodoro served as a consultant for the restoration of public buildings in Pesaro, advising on the restoration of buildings after World War II, while also studying stage design and working as a goldsmith with his brother Giò Pomodoro. In 1960 he met David Smith and Louise Nevelson during his first trip to the USA, and in 1961 he joined the group Continuità. 

His brother is Giò Pomodoro who also has sculptures in Jeddah.